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FIT049- MENEGUAR- Tone Banks 1 "Some Downs"---> available on their

FIT048- WOODS/RELIGIOUS KNIVES - tour tape-c40- split with heavy tapes- SOLD OUT- more soon

FIT047- LOOSERS- "Sidelights" c48- Electric Free tribe from Portugal.  next level mind melts/drum circle.  limited...

FIT046- AXOLOTL- "Plane of Partials"- bedroom blur in a variety of styles with the cassette format in mind. c50----->SOLD OUT

FIT045-  NNCK- "The Large Taquat"- c37  ---------> SOLD OUT
The Large Taquat was recorded in 1996 at 195 Chrystie St., NYC, the first rehearsal and performance space for the No-Neck Blues Band.  The sequence was originally slated for an LP release and hence captured a Sound at One catalog number, #25, but alas the record never materialized.  It is with great pleasure that the band now offers this historical document featuring the earliest document of NNCK operating from its own laboratory.  full color double sided printing with two fold out panels.  limited to 200

FIT044- OWL XOUNDS- "Touch The Iceberg"- c44 limited to 100
A. A Particularly noisy excursion for Brooklyn, NY based freak-jazz troupe OWL XOUNDS EXPLODING GALAXY, featuring the core of drummer Adam Kriney (LA OTRACINA/Colour Sounds Recordings) and upright bassist Gene Janas, along with regular collaborators: 2nd upright bassist Shayna Dulberger (KILL ME TRIO/STONEY MOUNTAIN) and guitarist Gene Moore (HAT CITY INTUITIVE), and a special appearance from Gene's younger brother Thurston, also on electric guitar. Recorded live at Flywheel, Easthampton, MA in October 2006.
B. Reinterpretation of A-side by noise/electronics duo LIEK TWI (members of BLIZZARDS/TWI & THE HUMBLE FEATHER)

FIT043- SUNBURNED- "The Pegadrift"- c30---->SOLD OUT
"drugmata. . .
the drifter
road born
then destiny carry
the bindkindly brainbook america
summer 2005
welcomed, the dark load lit - unlifted
readings from the drift
5 & 3 - the tools
sunburned storys phased
moon drinks in the mindtide
a spectator absorbed,
the erased self
juxtaposed - a prism is the chasm crossed. . ." - JM

FIT042- HUSH ARBORS- "Row Life"- c30 limited to 100 ----> SOLD OUT

FIT041- POCAHAUNTED- "a tear for every grain of sand"--->SOLD OUT
slow burning dream guitar/angel vocal duo from california.  moccasins off this time around.  c40 limited to 100

FIT040- YOUTH OF THE BEAST- "Two Mothers"
Six new songs of sax/noise/drum blast from Andy Spore of Raccoo-oo-oon. c40 limited to 100 ----> SOLD OUT

FIT039- Warmer Milks- "Interiors"------> SOLD OUT
Five track ep that attempts to be settling in execution but really comes off as just another uncomfortable Warmer Milks release. Acoustic jigs incriminated by dirgier scratched up electronic drum builds and a marching band stuck inside a Factory Records bathroom stall. Let us not forget the longer than anticipated whispering session and the extended moments of silence inbetween. All pieces written and performed by M/T. Recorded by Robert Beatty.

FIT038- THE BRAIN BAND-  consists of Elisa Ambrogio of the Magik Markers, Karl Bauer of Axolotl, Donovan Quinn of the
Skygreen Leopards and Glen Donaldson of the Skygreen Leopards/Jewled Antler etc.  Two long tracks recorded in San Francisco,
August 2006.. c46 ----->SOLD OUT

FIT037-WOODS- "At Rear House" c44-  limited to 100 with hand painted cassettes. CD on SHRIMPER/LP on WOODSIST --->SOLD OUT

FIT036- ROBEDOOR- "Stoner Reaper" c43------> SOLD OUT

This recording is designed for obsolete systems to restrict listening to only those with a tactile awareness of intra-machine warfare. Ever heard
of crap car stereos, undead ghetto blasters, ten year old orbs, infrared light table dancers, ultraviolet ops, driving slow over potholes, boredom
research? This is not practice. This is training.  Recorded in one hour live to stereo at 382 Jeff Street. 56 minutes.

FIT034- BLUES CONTROL- "Riverboat Styx" - c30 ----->SOLD OUT

FIT033- FAMILY UNDERGROUND- "Future Bread" c40 -----> SOLD OUT

FIT032/ NNF053- SHEPHERDS/ QUINTANA ROO-  split c60 (Co-released with not not fun)------> SOLD OUT
"Growth is god dudes. Gotta change, morph, MOVE, ring in new harvests and let fresh blank tapes bloom black in the sun. This shadowy C60 is a cryptic/cloaked stare-off between two recently-birthed coastal crews. Shepherds traverse the Bushwick/Brooklyn axis, watching their flock from a high crooked branch off the Fuck It Tapes tree of life/death. Old world clatter meanders against dead-dub bass echoes while thin air prayers levitate from weary throats. A spiral-eyed masterpiece of tattered tunic improv. On the flip is west coast crawl unit, Quintana Roo, who burrow through sub-cellar levels of spirit dust and cursed dirt worship. “Mythological Animals” ponders bowed drones, autoharp rust, and disembodied drumming for a haunted half hour, before drifting back to tomb hum. green foil tapes in silver-mist latticework cases, with full-color covers."- britt/nnf

FIT031- SHEPHERDS- brooklyn psych folk improv unit. limited to 100 -----> SOLD OUT

FIT030- SWORD HEAVEN- "Fan Death" 2003- 2005 c60 ---->SOLD OUT

FIT029- MAGIK MARKERS- summer tour cassette.  live nyc 11/10/05.  limited to 100 ------->SOLD OUT

FIT028- NIGHT WOUNDS- tour cassette.  limited to 100 ------>SOLD OUT  LP on woodsist HERE


FITO26- KNIT WITCH- "witchycraft"------> back in stock

FIT025- JANA HUNTER- "Blank Unstaring Heirs of Doom"+bonus cassette- 2xcs -----> SOLD OUT

FIT024- VIKING MOSES- "fifth fall" ------> SOLD OUT




 FIT022- SAIL ------>SOLD OUT


 FIT021- HOLY BIBLE --------> SOLD OUT

  FIT020- RACCOO-OO-OON----->sold out

  FIT019- THE SKATERS- "talking head"  c-45 ----> SOLD OUT


FIT018- HAIR POLICE- "beyond leech pit"  c-60---> SOLD OUT


 FIT017-RAPIDER THAN HORSEPOWER- "what's our visibility?" euro tour cassette  ---->SOLD OUT    
FIT016- WOODS- "how to survive in/ in the woods" double cassette. ---> OUT OF STOCK *do not order


                                                   FIT015- THE HOLY MOUNTAIN- "bloodstains across your face in decline"------->SOLD OUT



                                                  FIT014- MENEGUAR- "i was born at night+ 7inch"  Professionally dubbed tapes. 2 extra tracks-------->OUT OF STOCK* do not order


                                                     FIT013- NON HORSE VS X-  live tape fight cuts+ blood capsule by crane from wooden wand
                                                      and the vanishing voice.  live document of the last ft awesome performance plus various tape labs. c-40
                                                         ----> SOLD OUT

                                                    FIT012- THE DEAD MACHINES- "Mystery of the fall-off Islands Part 3"----->SOLD OUT 

                                                    FIT011- ASSHOLEPARADE- say goodbye tour cs----------> SOLD OUT

                                                 FITO10- BENT OUTTA SHAPE/ DRUNKEN BOAT SPLIT

                                               FIT009- FREE REPUBLIC (OF SOUL)- LIVE AT DELANCEY- printed/ screened covers limited to 100----->SOLD OUT


                                             fit008- CHRIS TERRY- "THRILLER"-
                                                hand screened covers limited to 100  -----> SOLD OUT
                                     fit007- RACISTS- "june 11"-limited to 50------> SOLD OUT


                                            fit006- wooden wand & the vanishing voice- "michel's portal and crow jane variations"-----> SOLD OUT
                                          -"Bongbastic new improvisations by spandex-clad daredevils WWVV, featuring the
                                            core lineup of Taveniere, Diehl, Sai Baba, Crane & Wand.  Recorded live to tape
                                            during the band's second tour of summer 2004, and featuring live versions of
                                            'Christ Pica,' 'Self Satisfaction,' 'Rational Blues,' and 'Hipgnose.' Easy money, 

                                  fit005- meneguar -----------> SOLD OUT


                               fit004- newgenics "amerrican love demo"-------->SOLD OUT


                    fit003- books lie "get high or die" tour cassette ---------> SOLD OUT


         fit002- gospel "livid"- ----> SOLD OUT

fit001-phoenix bodies discography cassette------> SOLD OUT




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